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APL Computers was established in 2005 by a group of Professional Hardware engineers and marketing executives, whose aim was to provide full service and support in IT and Networking solutions APL Computers has always defined itself as being a solution­ oriented company, which meant that it was not wedded to any particular brands or vendors or boilerplate solutions. Having registered office located at Karampura, New Delhi-110015.

1.2 A Snapshot of our Expertise:

APL Computers pride itself on satisfying its customers by providing the best quality, service and expertise in a timely manner. Our success stems from the caliber of our people.

1.3 Our Industry

We consider ourselves to be a part of the Global Service Industry. This one statement operates us to the experience, standards, problem and opportunities of other service industries as not merely the domestic computer industry in which we currently operate.

1.4 Our Beliefs:

Respect the individual: People are our greatest asset.
Customer Commitment: To understand, meet and exceed customer needs and expectations.

1.5 Beliefs of Group Individual Objectives:

Our beliefs from the base of all our organizational processes. These are complementary as are to be followed collectively. We set company goals with a view to translating these in that action. The group and individual objectives are directed towards accomplishing these are our asset.

Customer commitment: To understand, meet and exceed customer needs expectations. All over operations are carried out with customer satisfaction at the core. We firmly belief that the success of our enterprise rest solely on the satisfaction and confidence of the customer and their resultant. It is therefore imperative that each of our action collective or individual takes the company closer to satisfying the customer. Create and deliver services in line with customer needs. Value for Money Anticipate expectations well before they become needs and build these in to the services products.

Be careful while making commitment "under-commit-over-perform". Promise only what you are absolutely sure of delivering. Do not make commitments on behalf of others before cross checking with them.

If you do make a promise keep it. If you cannot keep a commitment be sure to inform to the customer about the problem try to make up your promise. Each member of the company is the company to the customer, do not pass the buck. Keep in touch with the customer and listen to them, it is the best way to understand the needs and rate your own performance. The customer is always right even when he is not, remember he is the reason you are there is the first place.

1.6 Our Measure of success: translation of our beliefs into long-term profits
IT Consultants (State-of-the-art):

APL Computers usually provides consultants and technical on a Time and Materials basis. In addition to in- house staff, APL Computers maintains large pool of "on-call" specialist and consultants. Based on client's requirements, we conduct a preliminary screening and provide the client with a list of suitable candidates. Once the client selects the "best fit" consultants or Technical, they are assigned to work at the client site. If the client wants APL Computers to undertake project management responsibilities, we can also provide a technical manager to work with the client and to co-ordinate the complete project.

Our Competitive Advantages:

APL Computers Modus operandi is to the long-terms IT Partner for our clients We are not driven by transactions as much as by relationship. We are extremely proud of the fact that we are receiving a high percentage of repeat business and referrals, not to maintain generous accolades, from our clients. Just as our mission drives us we are equally sensitive to the mission of our clients. What does this means to our clients?


A)     APL Computers is remarkable cost-effective, especially in comparison to large consulting companies.


B)     APL Computers Capable helping to solve virtually any type of IT problem because of our network of talented consulting professional.

Industry Recognition:

We are proud of our growth and of the recognition that we have earned along the way from some of the best in the business Reseller COMPAQ, & HP.. HP allows APL Computers to promote all HP peripherals.

Technical Skill (Manpower):

Our prime motto is customer satisfaction and for that we have adequate manpower to support this organization as for as the services is concerned.

APL Computers has developed a Technically strong Customer Support Division (CSD) is presently managed qualified Engineers. As team augmentation and Skill enhancement are ongoing process in APL Computers the team varies to keep pace with growing demand.

Services Offered:

The complete PC Maintenance of APL Computers offers, in addition to the comprehens that coverage on all parts, the following value packed services. The complete PC Maintenance cover of APL Computers is comprehensives annual contract for complete care of all types of IBM compatible microcomputers and standard peripherals.

Third Party Maintenance:

We are also third part Maintenance Company like Facility Management (ACM-FM). We have also on TRC Within a small span of Five Years, APL Computers strong holds of AMC market for Technically in support and provides facilities.

Call Response Time:

Each Customer support Engineer is equipped with mobile communication to render rapid service response to achieve better UP-TIME.
 Normally Situation is escalated at the Manufactures label within 48 hours if the Engineer is not in position to take corrective action and the specialist is also not in position to address the problem.
 The concerned Manager along with the team member is doing periodical call analysis once a week to implements corrective actions.


Controlled from the office, brand specific spares are sourced from the Authorized distributor. Speedy dispatch 4 courier's boy is available.
 To manage a situation, which wants escalation, is promptly brought to the notice of Director- Tech. By the Manager Incharge/Engineer and suitable action is engergised immediately Either /services as per the need.

Preventive Maintenance

It is my 1st that a PC being an electronic needs no regular care. Even in the most Virus protected environment, heat and dust take their toll over a length of time.

The PC and printer have mechanical parts that undergo wear and tear. Spikes and voltage fluctuations weaken system's delicate and expensive components and may even below the up

The complete PC Maintain offers regular preventive maintenance on the cover systems. The maintenance has been designed keeping in mind the various original equipment manufacturers (OEM) guidelines. Once in a quarterly basis.

Protection against "Computer Virus"

This deadly menace has been the bane of many a computer systems. Virus can strike a computer at any time. It damages software programs along with precious data.

The complete PC Maintenance provides sophisticated Virus detection and combat software and sound professional advice to protect computer systems from any damages. Due to "computer Virus". Unique" Rescue Disk" is created for each system so that basis systems parameters can be restored without formatting the Hard Disk Drive.

Call Response Time"

All calls receipts up to 12:30 pm will be attended on the same day and calls receipts beyond 2:00pm shall be attended on the next working day. Call Help Desk Trin - Trin – 01145118101, 9999947566, 9999947266

1.7. Enterprise Wide Networking Solutions

APL Computers Provides state of the art networking and communication solutions to organization. These services includes:

  • Networking Design (LAN, WAN, ISDN).
  • Networking Installation.

APL Computers also provides network solutions so as to allow PC's to talk to with in the same office or distributed offices within the same city location or through a 64 kbs or higher satellite link.
The enterprise wide networking is done over structured cabling, using AT&T (Lucent) Norms and standard. APL Computers has one of the finest and most reliable solutions when it comes to cabling because of strategic relationship it has built up with overseas network companies.

1.8 Management and Maintenance of Network

  • APL Computers maintain network that include management and maintenance of local area network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), Internet and Intranet, Some of the activities undertaking during the network management include.
  • Ensuring proper cabling as per EWTIA-586 Guideline.
  • Documentation of the network as per EIATIA 606 Guideline.
  • Network Analysis.
  • Local and throughout analysis.
  • Fault Analysis.
  • Security.
  • Management using standard SNMP Protocol.
  • Network Management Software.
  • Operating Systems Tuning.
  • Up gradation and Enhancements of the existing Network.
  • Internet and Internet functioning Bandwidth Management on external communication.
  • (VSAT/Leased/ Radio Link! Dial up etc.)
1.9 Working Hours

6 Days a week between 9:30 to 7:00 p.m.

1.10. Our Offices: APL Computers

307 Magnum House-II, Karampura Commercial Complex, New Delhi-110015
Tel: 01145118101, 9999947566, 9999947266