CCTV - Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a system where the circuit in which the video is transmitted is closed and all the elements (camera, display monitors, recording devices) are directly connected. This is unlike broadcast television where any receiver that is correctly tuned can pick up and display or store the signal. Such specialized systems are not subject to regulation by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC); however, security cameras using scrambled radio waves are in fact subject to common carrier tariffs and FCC conditions of service. In the past, these signals would be transmitted to a monitor equipped with a videocassette recorder, but these have been all but totally replaced by digital video recorder (DVR) systems that can store far more video and backup data automatically

REMOTELY ACCESSIBLE -Now monitor remotely, as our surveillance system provides you network compatible security CCTV camera accessible to any authorized web-connected user worldwide.

LIVE VIEW ON MOBILE & NIGHT VISION -View live video from your CCTV camera on smart phone from anywhere in the world. Night vision technology keeps your camera sharp even during the darkest night.

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